Left & Right, a physical comedy without language, was first conceived in 2010 as a college thesis project. As the show came together, test audiences eagerly became loyal supporters of our new characters, “Left” and “Right.” Jay and Nate realized that what they'd created had the potential to touch a much greater audience. Even before graduation in May, they preformed four shows in the greater Boston Area. People of all ages were sharing how the experience had stuck with them for days after and how it brought a smile to their face every time it crossed their mind. There was nothing malicious or satirical in the show, just honest,  humor with themes that deepen with time. This became and remains the mission: to bring love and laughter to any and all that experience Left & Right.

Created by Jay Pension and Nathaniel Punches

Conjoined Twins on the Search for Love

"Hysterical! The perfect mix of Blue Man Group quirkiness, Three-Stooges slapstick, and old-school silly." 

-Foster's Daily Democrat

"Simply Amazing! One of the most original acts we’ve ever seen. Left & Right was the hit of the fringe."

- Seacoast Fringe Festival

"Utterly Masterful"

-Kristina Stevick 

Artistic Director History Alive

"Left & Right is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary act. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since!"

-Valerie Marcley

"A phenomenon!"


Left & Right in a talk back at the Griffen Theatre

The team prepping for the Midtown International Theatre Festival

Notable Performance Venues

The Parish Hall, Salem, MA

State Street Temple, Portsmouth, NH

Abingdon Arts Complex, New York City

New England Fringe Festival

Atlantis Playmakers, Burlington, MA

Seacoast Fringe Festival, Portsmouth, NH


Midtown International Theatre, New York City

The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, New York City

The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston

The Griffen Theatre, Salem MA

The Robert’s Theatre, Boston

The South Theatre, Portsmouth, NH

Gonzales y Gonzales, New York City

The Margaret Jensen Theatre at the Barrington Center for the Arts, Wenham, MA


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